Looking for the best laptops for your work? Here are some options!

We already know HP is one of the most superior as well as performing brands in the world of laptops and accessories. They are known for power, flexibility, user-friendliness and also wide range of laptops produced under the brand. The design of each HP laptop is so satisfying and packed with some serious hardware. HP laptops are the best option for gamers, creators, designers and most importantly business owners. This article is to focus on some of the best laptops that have been created so far by HP.

HP Pavilion 14” HD Notebook

This laptop is known for its high-quality build and design which is very much compact and lightweight to use. It is the most compatible laptop for college as well as business uses. It is portable and easily functional. The speakers that are built in are also of great quality which lets you stream shows and films and you will be surely impressed by the sound that it produces.

It comes with 7th gen intel core i5 and the storage capacity is up to 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD along with 1TB HDD. This laptop is the best pick if you want something that is portable, stylish, functional and easy to use.

HP Envy 17t

This laptop has been rated as 4.1 out of 5 and is one of the best laptops that HP has designed so far. It is a great performer and has extensive battery life. It comes with big screen and is quite expensive for the price that it offers. You can perform all kinds of business activities on this laptop without any lag and it promises you with great performance.

It is 17.3” touchscreen display and comes with an impressive keyboard. The powerful built-in speakers let you conduct all types of online meetings with great audio quality and also better video resolution. This laptop is literally the Jack of all trades laptop.

HP Chromebook x360 14GI

This is the best Chromebook invented so far. It is best known for its streamlined chrome operating system and affordable price. The battery life is impressive and the design of this laptop is a hybrid type, which means it is convertible 2 in 1.

The portable 14-inch touchscreen can be flipped into a tablet for easy use. you can get the best Chrome experience and 8GB RAM lets you open different browser tabs without any chance for your laptop to slow down.


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