InterServer Hosting Review 2021 – Can It Compete with the Big Players?

Though there are quite a lot of top-notch web hosts out there, InterServer stands out among all these. They have some of the best features, and above all, InterServer’s web hosting is very affordable. 

But that’s not all there is to know about InterServer. InterServer has great Uptime and site load speed, and besides that, there are other features as well. One of those features is the price lock feature, and this is what that truly sets them apart from other web hosts. 

Well, let’s talk more about InterServer and all its amazing features down below. 

InterServer Review

There are quite a lot of features that sets InterServer apart from all the other web hosts. But since it’s not possible to talk about all these, I will highlight some of the major features available with InterServer. 

InterServer Features


Performance includes both site load speed and Uptime, and InterServer has both. They have a great site load speed, which is around 220ms, and thus it easily puts them among the top 10 when it comes to site load speed. 

Moving on from that, Uptime is one of the major necessities for a website to grow. Almost all web hosts promise to provide 99.99% website, but that is something they rarely fulfill. InterServer, on the other hand, provides what they promise and provide 99.9p% Uptime. 

Price Lock Guarantee

Generally, after you purchase a web hosting, its price goes up when you try to renew it next time, and almost all web hosts do that. But this is where InterServer is different from other web hosts. They have this feature called Price lock guarantee, and this basically means that you are provided with a guarantee that your hosting renewal price won’t increase unless you add something to it. 

Customer Support

Customer support doesn’t just say that they will help but actually, they do help you in solving your issues. They are available 24/7, and they can be reached via Live Chat, Email, or phone call. Their team has a lot of hands-on experience, and they are very professional as well. The support team is housed in New Jersey and Secaucus. 

Unlimited Domains

InterServer provides its users with the feature of adding multiple domains. And there are very few web hosts that allow with no-strings-attached. And almost all its web hosting plans have this feature available with them. 

Site Builder

The InterServer website builder, also known as SitePad, makes it easy for the users to build a website. This website builder is available with all the web hosting plans, and that too free of charge. The website builder is very useful for newbies as it is quite hard for them to build a website. The builder also has over widgets that help the users in building the website with ease. 

SSL Certificates 

We all are quite aware of the importance of SSL certificates. They provide security for the security of the visitors to your website. Most web hosts provide these with their hosting plans, and InterServer is one of those web hosts.

Cloud Apps

InterServer web hosting plans come with quite a lot of Cloud Apps, and the number is quite around 450. But there are available for free and are available to all the users who purchase plans from InterServer. 

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Nowadays, almost all web hosts provide this guarantee, and InterServer is one of them as well. Basically, what this means is that if you are not satisfied with their services within the first 30-days of purchasing their web hosting, then you can get your money back. But you need to be aware of the fact that this only applies within the first 30-days of the date of purchase.

So, those were some of the important features of InterServer. Now, let’s start with the Web hosting plans that are available with InterServer. 

Shared Web Hosting Plans 

Unlike most web hosts, InterServer has just one web hosting plan, and this is quite affordable and has some of the best features as well. At first glance, the price of the plan seems to be a bit high, but it’s actually not. The price of the plan is considered to be low because it’s just $5 that you need to pay for the rest of your life. The price will increase if you add something extra to it. 

The plan provides users with unlimited SSD, ultra-storage, Site Pad website builder, unlimited emails, free SSL certificates, free website migration, and a lot more. 

VPS Hosting

This is another type of web hosting that is available with InterServer. Most people are quite skeptical about whether to choose cloud servers or not because of cyber-attacks. But InterServer has it all under control as they have some of the best security options, such as the Cloud Remote Backup Server. So, in case a user comes under any kind of cyber-attacks, then that person can quite easily restore their website from the backup stored in the cloud. 

Email Hosting

This hosting comes with quite a lot of features as well, such as SPAM 7 Virus Protection, 24/7 Technical Support, Unlimited storage, unlimited devices, and it’s private and secure. This supports all OS platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. 

Apart from all these, there are other types of hosting plans available with InterServer as well, such as e-commerce hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc. 

InterServer: A Reliable Web Host

InterServer is a reliable web host that provides its users with the best possible plan and features. Though at first glance, the price might seem to be a bit high, what a user needs to do is look at the big picture. The price lock features ensure that you pay the same amount every month with which you purchased their service for the first time. 

At the end of the day, there is always the money-back-guarantee option that will help you in getting your money back if you happen to not like their services.


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