5 Compelling Technology in Travel

The advent of technology is rapidly bringing a positive change in the ravel and tourism sector. Travel companies are now quickly adapting to the latest technologies to provide the travelers an amazing experience, by improving the operational efficiencies and meeting the customer’s expectations. In this article we will be discussing about 5 trends to watch out for travel and tourism industry. Check out the list below;

Voice Technology

As more and more customers are now switching from the tradition typing form to in search to voice interactions, Voice technology is another popular digital novelty. In today’s technology driven world, more and more number of hotels and restaurants have adapted the usage of voice interactions widely.

WiFi connectivity

People wants to always stay connected to their closed ones through social media platforms or to get better destinations ideas for them to explore the city while travelling.  One would surely look for best restaurant to dine-in, navigation to shopping centers and any other thing of their choice and so Wifi connectivity is a must. Investing in network services enables companies to offer a beneficial, highly customizable experience to the customers, helps in real-time decision making, strengthening the physical and cyber security core, along with the data privacy.

Wearable Devices

Despite a slow start of technology in travel and tourism sector, companies are now strongly promoting and offering wearable devices to the customers giving them a more customized experience. The MagicBand arrayed by the Walt Disney Company connects you straight to the infrastructure of the theme park, reducing the wait time and tracking guests locations.

Internet of Things

One of the most awful thing that a passenger might experience while travelling is losing out on their baggage. However, technology is known for providing problem solving ideas for each situation including this one. IoT featured app Lufthansa, helps the passengers track their baggage through a link found on their mobile boarding pass in the app.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the major source for the evolution of technologies and innovations in the travel and tourism industry. Classified into 3 major types: Chatbots or TravelBots, Robots and Machine Learning. Thanks to AI, it is the major reason behind speeding up of processes, while improving the performance and the quality. Eventually decreasing the expenses.

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