Essential Gadgets for New Parents

Parenting can be tough, but luckily for new moms and dads, we are now living in an era full of small gadgets designed to make the first years of your little life as smooth as possible Huh. From devices that send a notification when something is not simple to perfect, but genius products that solve small problems in a pinch are near-infinite solutions to any problem you may encounter. We’ve rounded up the most innovative baby gadgets that make the entire parenting experience more efficient and enjoyable. Check out our top picks and stock up — you’ll wonder how any new parent ever managed without them.

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

A summer baby pacifier thermometer looks and feels like a normal calming, but it also reads your baby’s temperature! The small screen depends on the green, orange, and red color depending on how far the child is from its ideal temperature. This “device” even comes with a safety shield for travel and clean storage.

Prince Lionheart Portable Bottle Warmer

You may not need it during the summer months, but it is useful for most of the year. The Prince Lionheart Portable Bottle Warmer gives parents internal warming crystals and heat bottles on the go with no cords. The push of a button keeps food and drinks warm for about two hours. Just boil hot water in water when you go home to get active again.

Breast Pump

There are going to be times when you won’t be able to breastfeed. You may not have time for this, or you may just be in a place or activity where it would be very difficult to do so. It is for such a period of time that breast pumps were invented for mothers. Breast pumps allow you to make extra bottles of those breast milk when you are not able to breast feed, and the best thing anyone can do is bottle them.

Self-Warming Bottle

Another great invention as the best gadget and product for new parents in the baby world is the self-warming bottle. This bottle will keep the milk or formula warm for you without the need of a microwave to insert the baby bottle or heat a pot of water on the stove. These bottles will keep milk or formula hot wherever you go.

Bath Thermometer

An absolute essential piece of kit that you will need for day zero is a bath thermometer. It is no surprise that children become stinky if you do not wash them. Whether you choose a fancy baby bath, kitchen sink or a local lake, it helps to know the temperature of the water that submerges your precious new human. The baby thermometer flashes an alert if it is too hot or too cold that gives you the piece you need while bathing your baby. Sadly, every year 2,000 children attend A&E with bath water poles, so I would recommend taking a bath thermometer to help any new parent avoid these completely preventable injuries.


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